No Longer Has Difficulty Reading


Describe life BEFORE Vision Therapy: Mom: “Matthew had difficulty reading long passages on a computer screen that resulted in issues with standardized testing. Matthew also chose Graphic Novels for reading, possibly due to issues reading from left to right cohesively.”

Matthew: “I struggled to read so I never really got to read the books that I wanted to. So I just briefly looked over them and was like, “OK, I finished a book.”

Describe life AFTER Vision Therapy: Mom: “Matthew no longer has difficulties reading on the computer or in print. Matthew enjoys books of all types now and loves to read. Vision Therapy worked for Matthew’s issues. Testing (a visual efficiency exam) was an eye-opener and helped us understand and treat issues not detected during a routine eye exam.”

Matthew: “It’s very enjoyable and full of books! I also feel more focused and patient. (Vision Therapy) is very fun but challenging and when you pass an activity it feels so satisfying. Also when you get done with your activities, you get to do a fun activity of your choice.”
- Middle School Student


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