Confidence Restored

Describe life BEFORE Vision Therapy: "Charlie has always loved baseball. So when he discovered an old Nintendo Wii baseball video game at our house, it was no different. He loved it and played each day after school. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize how the screen time would negatively impact his ability to actually perceive a real baseball! We began to see him struggle more often during his baseball games. He was having trouble making contact with the ball and was growing frustrated. The toughest part was to see a sport that he loved so much was quickly becoming something he didn’t enjoy anymore."
Describe life AFTER Vision Therapy: "I was so grateful to learn that Vision Therapy could improve his perception of the ball, but more importantly, restore his love for the game. We, of course, quit all screen time with that video game and began treatment. Early on in therapy, Charlie had a hard time focusing and could barely get through the sessions. But by the end of treatment, he could move easily through each exercise and was able to regain his visual skills, and more importantly, build his overall confidence! His Vision Therapist, Kristen, and Dr. Wilson were so kind and patient with him during the whole process. We are so grateful and, of course, we plan on a lot more baseball games in the future. Thank you, Bella Vision for all of your help!"

Elementary School Student


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