Easier Schoolwork and Homework

Describe life BEFORE Vision Therapy: “She was a slow reader and reading gave her headaches. Getting her to read for school was a challenge- a battle, really. She was also making a lot of careless mistakes in math despite testing in the 99th percentile.”
Describe life AFTER Vision Therapy: “She reads much faster and even picks up a book sometimes without having to be asked. The number of careless mistakes in math has dropped dramatically. Schoolwork and homework are much easier and quicker to accomplish now, and she has much more confidence.” Mom went on to say, “(Vision Therapy) is worth every penny! It takes a lot of work and dedication, but you won’t regret it. The persistence pays off. Bella Vision, and Kristen (Therapist) more specifically could not have been more encouraging every step of the way. We are grateful!”

- Middle School Student


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