What to Expect

The Comprehensive Eye Exam

Prior to beginning vision therapy, a patient is seen for a comprehensive eye exam followed by either a visual efficiency exam or a strabismus exam. These comprehensive examinations identify any weaknesses in accommodation, eye movements, binocular vision and visual perceptual skills. We also screen for screen for dyslexia and utilize technology such as the Visagraph in order to analyze how vision deficits are affecting reading performance.

The Consultation

After completing the evaluations, Dr. Wilson will prepare a comprehensive report of the patient’s visual system and will then review and interpret the test results to determine if vision therapy is the appropriate course of treatment. An individualized treatment plan will be discussed with the parents or patient at the consultation appointment.  The treatment plan, goals and expectations will all be outlined with the patient prior to the start of vision therapy.

The Treatment Plan

The frequency and duration of a vision therapy treatment plan varies with the diagnosis. A typical session at Bella Vision is one hour and are typically one to two sessions per week. The patient will also receive “homework” for continuity between sessions.

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